About Me

I received my PhD from the Department of Logic and Philosophy of Science  at the University of California, Irvine. My dissertation looked at how one can get different models of quantum computing and quantum computational error from different formulations of quantum mechanics. Much of my work focused on the role GRW quantum mechanics’ collapse dynamics can play in quantum computing.

I’m interested in using tools from physics, economics, and computer science to solve problems in a wide range of topics with equally widely ranging importance. I’ve recently started transferring some of my projects to GitHub. Check it out!

If you’d like me to help you out on a project, send me an email at timrschmitz @ gmail . com.

Some of my current projects are:

  • Modeling how different voting rules might play out in real world political elections
  • Coming up with better ways for organizations to choose how to distribute the limited resources they have
  • Figuring out why NBA teams appear to have gotten worse at drafting over the last few decades and why no one is talking about it
  • Using game theory to answer the eternal question: What is the best Pokemon of all time? (And also thinking about how this can help us measure parity in other games and sports)
  • Thinking about what the laws of physics would have to be like for computers to be able to do extremely cool things

My most recent posts: