• How Approving should Approval Voting Voters Be?

    Ranked Choice and Approval Voting have emerged as the two leading alternative voting systems being advocated in the U.S. I’ve looked a bit at how Ranked Choice might perform, particularly in a polarized political climate, and found that, though it usually is better at picking broadly agreeable candidates than the Plurality system used in most…… Read more

  • The Most Heliocentric Teams in the NBA

    The Most Heliocentric Teams in the NBA

    Just as in our heliocentric solar system many small planets orbit a much larger sun, heliocentric NBA offenses feature several role players orbiting around one (or two) stars. Think four shooters zipping around the court while Luka Doncic isolates or Trae Young determining the fate of almost every Hawks’ possession. A lot of the discussion…… Read more

  • Making the playoffs is easier in the East. Would that have helped the Kings avoid a record playoff drought?

    Despite more than half of NBA teams making the playoffs each year, the Sacramento Kings have not made the playoffs since 2006, tying the LA Clippers’ Extremely Racist Owner Era for the longest playoff drought in league history. As of early March, the Kings look likely to take sole ownership of the NBA’s playoff drought…… Read more

  • The Warriors are in Their Own Universe at Scoring Off of Assists

    As of December 9, the Warriors lead the NBA in assists with 28.7 per game, a mere .8 ahead of the second place Spurs. But the raw assists per game numbers do not come close to conveying how much the Warriors are lapping the rest of the NBA at scoring off of passes. The Warriors’…… Read more

  • Were the Tallest Presidents the Best?

    Were the Tallest Presidents the Best?

    Prompted by this musing on Twitter that Presidential height and quality are correlated, I decided to figure out whether this is true. Some of our most admired Presidents (Lincoln, Washington, Jefferson) were known for being tall, so this feels like it might be true. But is it? To measure which Presidents were the best, I…… Read more

  • The History of Pokemon Type Balance, According to Game Theory

    The History of Pokemon Type Balance, According to Game Theory

    I’ve already looked at the best Pokemon types according to game theory, but when doing so, I only looked at the modern type balance, which began when the Fairy type was introduced in 2013. But, if you’re an aging Pokemon fan (i.e. a Millenial) like myself, this is not the Pokemon type balance you grew…… Read more